Modern resume. Looking through the glass of the monitor

Aug 8, 2019 Blog
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Modern resume. Looking through the glass of the monitor

Which came first?

Until recently, it was recommended to make a brief statement of the purpose of their treatment, and then to describe their professional experience, education, special skills and knowledge (eg, knowledge of foreign languages). The hope was that to read the resume, most likely, will be a very busy man – the recruiter, personnel officers or director of any units, which will decide to invite you to an interview with the PA or to forget forever. And this he will take no more than 10 – 15 seconds.

Now what?

Today most of the leading companies and recruitment agencies operate powerful computer information systems.

The first and most likely the only reader of your resume will be a search engine.

It does not impress nor short, neither beautiful font name pi-known companies. But her attention instantly attract the keywords for which it is configured.

If you are expert in tomography equipment (used in medicine), these words can be a “nuclear magnetic resonance”. If you are a financier, the magic word may be an abbreviation of “ACCA”. Well, if you are a graduate of a prestigious business school in the summary it is necessary to write “MBA”, and doubled and Latin and Russian letters – so true. So, the first filter, which must pass your resume, is known. Only when the search engine you chose from a variety of candidates available in the database, read the summary of the man. But he will first find the eyes are the places where they met its interesting keywords. Fortunately, most search engines distinguish them on the monitor screen.

If the words are written in the “wrong” context, it instantly removes resume from the screen and begin to view the next.

If the context has coincided – Be sure your resume will read “from cover to cover.”

And the more fully it will reflect information about you, the more likely that you will be offered the very work, what you want.

What to do?

Today is not the time to be modest and to save space. A qualitative summary of our time is this:

The correct spelling of the full name in Russian and English languages.

Photo electronically.

Accurate contact information. If possible, a full description of your ideas about the future work, including financial (compensation) expectations and long-term career plans.

Information about professional experience, education, professional knowledge and skills, personal achievements, knowledge of foreign languages.

To compile this summary should not spare neither time nor effort. They will be paid back many times, if you avoid at least half empty meetings, “refinement” of phone calls and inadequate job offers.

How to do?

One possibility – to use a professional service but preparing a resume. All the more so with the help of the Internet it can be done quickly, efficiently and for free. This service provides a resource SUMMARY BANK. Every visitor of this site can register and filling out a fairly detailed form to receive your CV. And to the summary you can “attach” a digital photograph. Summarize it is viewed by special operators, who themselves worked in recruitment and are able to distinguish the good from the bad resume. If it is good, it “miss” in the summary-BANK once. If it made in general a good idea, but there are “some shortcomings” – returned to the author for revision. Only very bad resume destroyed on the spot.

The fact that the CV deposited in SUMMARY-Bank has already confirmed its high quality and competitiveness. Moreover, a special module rgofy-resume on the site, which will help create a modern professional resume, get ready Profi-CV in the form of a file that you can send yourself to your mailing list at any time to edit your resume depending on the specific search of work plans.

Who is guilty?

If after all the efforts of your resume, compiled in compliance with the modern canons, not attract attention of recruiters and employers the best – let them blame themselves for that lost a valuable employee.

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