How to write a resume?

Aug 8, 2019 Blog
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How to write a resume?

When looking for work, many are faced with the fact that the employer asks for resumes, pre before the interview. Resume writing – it is an important task. For many, it seems like a daunting and intimidating. We decided to describe how to write a resume, what is its structure, types and features. We will teach you to write a resume without any problems.

Today on the Internet you can find ready-made templates resume, which just need to fill. However, experienced cadres are able to distinguish self-written resume, on which the author bother pondering and otshlifovyvaya every word, and a summary, drawn up under the dictation. Personally written resume will be appreciated, no doubt.

Overall performance

The first and most important rule is the size. Resumes can not exceed a maximum of two A4 pages. Summary should be on the first page. If the volume does not allow it, then think about what information you can donate. However, if a person has a lot of experience, this creates certain difficulties and limitations, but when recruiting resume on the computer, it is possible to circumvent this rule: change the font size, though it is not desirable – the summary should be read easily. To resume using white paper, good quality.

If the volume has turned out to resume a partial page, the information should be placed so that the page has been fully occupied by the text.

To write a resume, you must use the same font, preferably TimesNewRoman either as Arial. Strict style of – an indispensable condition. Font size should be 12-gauge. Each section of the summary should be separated from the previous one. The headings must be bold or highlight podcherkivaniem.Obyazatelno check spelling.

For documents of this type is recommended next markup page. Top field – 2 cm, right – 2 cm, bottom – 2 cm, 2.5 cm left allowed restriction field per centimeter, and instead of the standard 12-th font sizes use 10th. At the same time, the option to decrease the font is acceptable only if the summary is sent to the employer E-mail-in or delivered in person. In the case of sending your resume by fax, font size smaller than 12 should not use, otherwise it will be impossible to read the resume.

The perfect resume

• brevity – the lack of another word, incomprehensible acronyms and terms;

• specificity – the lack of information that has no direct relationship to the job;

• focus – a statement of the main data confirming the right to apply for the position;

• Activity – the need to use active verbs that show activity. You should never write “was”, “assisted”, that it allows to think that you were standing on the sidelines and occasionally provided various services..;

• Accuracy-necessity to clearly define their desires and possibilities;

• honesty – do not even think to lie and embellish. Sooner or later it will come out to the outside.



Word – Summary.


A brief description of the position to which you are applying. It is recommended to list all the jobs that you want to borrow. The existing scheme of operations of HR departments and recruitment agencies often highly inflexible. your completed application form, is placed in a folder (directory are entered), in accordance with your instructions “specialization”. Once, for example, “sales managers”, you often have no chance to get on the consideration as “productmanager”. Therefore, you must specify all the jobs that interest you.

Personal data of the applicant

Your name, address, telephone number (including area code), e-mail (if any).


• additional (parallel) – second degree, if you have to 19__ – __ years .;

• it is important to report the completion of the course and pass the certification in the specialty.

Indicate the high school is only required if a language or other special school, or if you graduated from high school with honors (the presence of a gold / silver medal);

• it is important to specify the College;

• Note also cum laude, additional specialty;

• if you experience low or absent, as is often the case with young specialist recommended that you study the subject.

Professional and / or work activity

Work is also indicated in the reverse order: first, present or last job, then early, etc.

• start and end dates of the work;

• name of the organization (not necessary to specify in the summary of the detailed address of enterprises in which you worked, will be sufficient to indicate their name and the city in which they are located);

• job title (there may be several, if your career has developed successfully);

• the position and list the duties – for full option because that is what often becomes decisive.

Other skills

• presence of a driver’s license;

• Experience of working with PC (reporting level of computer skills, you must specify the operating systems and programs do you work / worked);

• languages.

Characteristics of personal qualities

Do not hesitate to mention are the qualities – a neat, careful, disciplined, reliable, honest, persistent, objective, optimistic, logical, practical, enterprising, tactful, honest, thrifty, energetic, and more.

Additional Information

In some countries, this item is included necessarily because the person is often best recommended by social position: clubs, societies, awards, etc.

It does not specify whether or not you are a member of any political parties, religious communities.


The names of people who you recommend, not worth mentioning, but it is necessary to prepare a list of them – it may come in handy during the interview.

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