Exceptional Candidate: how to adapt your resume for the post, What is your dream

Aug 8, 2019 Blog
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Exceptional Candidate: how to adapt your resume for the post, What is your dream

Are you ready to take the next step on the career ladder, go into another industry, or dramatically change the profession. However, your current position does not meet the criteria specified in the job postings that cause you concern. How to make so that the HR managers or automatic filters are not rejected your request? How to write a resume that will meet the requirements of this new job?

We must learn to “adjust” summary for each new job. Write its basic version, summarized in its most important information. When you apply for another job, you will need to slightly tweak the resume. And that’s how it can be done.

First of all, carefully read job postings. Make a list of five or six most important duties. Then briefly describe your achievements clearly demonstrate your success in these areas. What are the problems that you have decided to tell us about how to get to cope with it and what changes has been achieved.

Let’s look at examples of how the people who I helped look for a job (assistant manager and senior manager), have managed to create an effective resume on the basis of their records.

Example №1: Applying for a position of a higher level than your current position

Sasha came to the post of assistant in a small department of the university a few years ago. Over time, voluntarily laying on more responsibilities, it actually topped it. However, as head assistant and the current salary is in no way does not reflect the amount of work that Sasha performs today. Next you will learn how your resume, she managed to attract the attention of recruiters, when she started to apply for jobs Administrative Director.

For starters, it narrowed the range of interest of its ads, compiled a list of five general duties and briefly describe their achievements for each item. Here’s what she had finally happened:

• Search and implement opportunities to improve the quality of services;

• co-operation with colleagues in the department and the presentation of his work throughout the organization;

• guide junior staff and evaluation of the results of his labor;

• resource allocation control and budgeting;

• timely decision unforeseen issues.

Then Sasha wrote a summary section summary that reflected all of these five aspects characterizing the position of Administrative Director.

In addition, it is not too lazy to come up with a catchy title – a key component in the structure of resume that immediately show that it has the experience required for the new positions. As you can see, Sasha did not use a standard template that does not attract attention and does not allocate it among the other competitors. That’s how she wrote briefly about yourself:

Department Administrator – the expert of the Efficiency – Specialist HR – crisis manager.

Held the position of Assistant Director, I guarantee smooth operation of academic departments for more than 16 years. Creates and develops the management system needs of staff and students – namely, schedule, credentials, administrative and commercial facilities and budget. I perform a number of tasks that do not fall within the scope of my duties. I take the initiative for the successful implementation of projects. Confident actions in crisis situations.

Referring to their success, Sasha was an overview of what it has achieved on the current positions for the last 10 years:

I keep an uninterrupted school design work of the university (eight graduate education programs), both in daily operations and in emergency situations:

• actually working as administrative director, performing a wide range of duties than normal assistant manager;

• received from teachers nickname “Hope Diamond among the precious stones” after receiving the award for the excellent performance of duties in 2013 and 2016;

• As the “face card” interact with current and prospective students, faculty, staff and campus School of Design;

• monitors and evaluates the results of the study students Work & Study program ( “Learn and Play”), as well as graduate assistants;

• create a friendly atmosphere in the department, showing optimism, respect and sensitivity towards others.

Pay attention to the first paragraph, in which Sasha points directly to the fact that its terms of reference corresponds to the post of administrative director, rather than the current position.

She reinforced the general provisions of the specific examples of how she was able to “timely tackle unforeseen issues.”

In 2015, he participated in the liquidation of the consequences of flooding of the building, which housed the School of Design. In its organized relocation and opening of a new place within 24 hours:

• checking email in the early morning, I arrived at the campus by 7:00 and helped staff emergency service to deal with the accident. Saved documents, furniture and equipment;

• warned about happened directors, employees, students and teachers, in order to minimize disruptions in the work of the department;

• together with a university assistant manager, a specialist company Servpro, and the amount of loss of the insurance appraiser has made and implemented a plan for cleaning and replacement of equipment;

• one and a half months has provided the successful completion of the University of National Accreditation takes place every seven years. I prepare all the required documentation and to collect the necessary data for the arrival of the experts, to ensure their effective operation, including meetings held by them, their accommodation, travel and meals.

Unless you do not want to Sasha guided by your department?

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