Books to help you build a career

Books to help you build a career

Everyone wants to be successful and make good money. But where to find a paid job? And how to quickly move up the career ladder? These questions will be answered by personal trainers and business consultants. In our selection of books that will help you become a sought-after specialist.

80/20 success. How to build a career and business using your top 20%

The author of the classic best-selling book The 80/20 Principle, Richard Koch, explains how to properly use your potential. The famous business coach is sure that the secret of successful people is to discover their special talent and bring it to perfection. How to do this, he tells in detail in his work.

The art of office intrigue. How to build a successful career in the world of lies, setups and dirty games

Practicing psychologist and numerous best-selling author Oliver James is convinced that teamwork is 50% success. In his book, he talks about how to survive in the harsh office world and describes in detail all possible types of employee behavior. Oliver explains how to interact with each of them and earn the respect of colleagues. The book will be useful to experienced professionals and those who have just begun their career paths.

The power of simplification. The key to achieving a phenomenal breakthrough in career and business

Over 40 years of continuous research, Richard Koch has discovered the key principle that underlies the success of world-renowned companies – simplification. This book will be a real revelation for an ambitious specialist. She will explain how to make the business easier and make a profit for the company.

Think in other formats

To succeed in work you need to think outside the box. Using interactive exercises, visual tools, and valuable advice, authors will help you create your own five steps to meet your personal and professional needs. In the book you will find fascinating examples from the real world, learn how to correct the consequences of missed creative opportunities and not neglect them in the future. And also, learn how to stay on the crest of a wave even in a hopeless situation.

Recharge your career. Shake your connections, skills, dignity, and finally become what you want

You do not like what you do? It’s time to completely change your life. And this book will become a reliable assistant. The popular blogger and motivational speaker John Eykaf on his example shows how to make a career spurt, regardless of whether you are at the peak of a career or going through a difficult period.

How to get an interview in a dream company. Elon Musk, I’m the one you need

Ron Fry, author of 40 best-selling personal effectiveness bestsellers, has prepared an exhaustive guide on how to behave in interviews to get a dream job. You will learn: what questions to ask, to seem smart, how to behave, to impress and demonstrate your strongest points.

Become an innovator. 5 habits of leaders that change the world

Clayton Christensen, author of the bestselling novel “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” along with leaders from companies such as Google, Procter & Gamble, Dell, eBay, PayPal, Skype and many others wrote this brilliant book. How to generate the most non-standard ideas? How to become a true leader in the team? The book contains tools and cases of world companies to develop 5 skills of breakthrough leadership.

My life, my achievements

Producing does not mean buying cheap and selling expensive

The creator of the cult car and the author of the well-known phrase “I want it, it means it will be” Henry Ford shares with readers not only the secrets of his success, but also the basic principles that guided him when creating the corporation.

Up the stairs to Hollywood

The winner gets EVERYTHING!

This book is more a work of art than a direct guide. Rachel Payne, a PR specialist from Hollywood, talks about her career path, difficulties, dreams, disappointments and desperate attempts to believe in the perfection of the most famous “dream factory”!

Are you smart enough to work on Google?

It is very tempting to spend resources on researching the wrong path or implementing a poorly designed business plan, continuing relationships with an inappropriate romantic partner, defending an erroneous idea, convincing ourselves that success awaits us from the next angle

This book is a brilliant guide to how to successfully pass a difficult job interview and be at the job of your dreams! The author analyzed in the book the most common questions asked at interviews in the most advanced companies on the planet, answer options and possible courses of your discussion. Gives one hundred percent motivation and desire to get out of the chair.

Resume? – It’s simple!

Resume is a “clothes” by which you will be met:

resume writing in advance;

verifies each word;

Show CV familiar;

grind, grind, grind again and your resume;

Your resume – this is your personal view, leaving the first, but the most lasting impression. Therefore, before you write it, think about where you are sending him who receives it, it will be read, and in which it will put the folder. Remember, the work of a hiring manager does not focus on it, in order to select suitable job, but the fact that discard unsuitable.

Let us first consider the main points of resume, then items that can be used as necessary, and finally, in conclusion, you will find some general tips for writing a resume. In the meantime, the first advice – CV should always be typeset preferably in MS Word. Therefore, open a new file, and here are the five main points of the resume.

Last name, first name and patronymic.

The word “resume” is normally not written. It is better to write in large letters (font 18-20), in the center, on top of your last name, first name and patronymic. This heading will quickly find your resume in a pile of hundreds of similar securities. The very words “Last Name”, “Name” and “Middle” is better not to write.

Contact Information.

It should be the most complete and thorough manner to provide information that allows you to quickly and effectively communicate with you if your candidate interested and want to invite you for an interview. By providing a place of residence, it is desirable to specify whether this is a temporary address, such as dormitories, or permanent. If a temporary address, up to what time you can catch on it. Pointing to the phone (s), do not forget to make a note, such as “work”, “home”, “cell”, “for messages”, etc., indicate also the time when you can make calls. If you have access to other means of communication, such as fax, e-mail, pager, ICQ, and enter their details the possible conditions of connection with you. Remember:


In the staffing agency or company is usually set to be held a few jobs, so be sure to make the following heading “Objective” title. There should be written on any position, job or area of ​​work you are applying for. Otherwise, your resume is simply thrown in the trash. Hikto will not sit down and think what kind of job could be offered to you. In paragraph goal you can also specify your wishes and requirements for the future place of work.


Create a title “Education” and list the educational institutions, schools, courses, institutes, etc. that you have already completed or still continue to learn:

Use or reverse chronological order, ie, recent studies indicate the first place, or the principle of relevance, ie, enter the first place to study the most significant for the required work.

For each place of study provide the following information: the training period with the exact (month, year) the dates the beginning and end of study; place of study (if the name of the institution should not be its location, enter the city and country), and finally enter the qualification that you received at the end of training, ie, enter the title (certificate, diploma, certificate, etc. by specialty).

List only the place of study that are important for this, the required work.


Create a title “Experience” and list the places your ex works:

Use or reverse chronological order, ie, last job, specify the first, or the principle of relevance, ie, enter the first job where you received the most significant experience for future work;

For each job the following information: the period of employment with the exact (month, year) to specify start and end dates of the work; employer (indicate the company name, city, country); position; duties (three or four sentences state the terms of your responsibilities).

List only those workplaces that are important for the required work.

Not leave gaps in the dates of the period of employment.

If you wrote your resume in good faith and made it to this place, you can congratulate yourself – half the job done. Ha This concludes the mandatory information, without which your resume is unlikely to be used for its intended purpose and starts, although not mandatory, but no less important part. You have the opportunity to provide additional information about yourself, but remember: You must specify only what is relevant to the “goal.”

Additional Information.

Haprimer, you are able to work on the computer, know foreign languages, typewritten own, embroider Bulgarian cross, you have a driver’s license. If any of these skills will help you cope with your future responsibilities, specify them by creating relevant headlines, such as “computer knowledge”, “foreign languages”, etc. Professionals, such as programmers, I recommend to specify more detailed information (programming languages, operating systems, databases, programming for the Internet). In the “languages” is desirable to specify not only the level of language proficiency, but also where and how long you had been taught. Depending on the “objective” may be appropriate to specify a “reward”, “publication”, “participation in conferences,” etc.

Personal data.

Such information as “sex”, “age”, “health”, “enthusiasm”, “marital status”, “citizenship”, “religion”, “attitude to military duty”, etc. They are strictly personal and your right to write them or not. Remember that the information you provide in this column can be used for discrimination on the basis of one or the other.


If you have an agreement with the people who can provide you with letters of recommendation, in conclusion, you can specify these people, usually two, with an indication of how to contact them.

Strict rules of resume writing does not exist, you need to use common sense, and it suggests that:

The summary should contain a brief, but complete information about your education, skills, experience, achievements and recommendations available.

Each individual summary, it must be written in a particular position.

The summary should not exceed one printed page

Huzhno you use well-read and print font. Haibolee preferred fonts are Times New Roman and Arial. Not use more than two font types in the summary. However, Bold, Italic and Underline desirable to highlight important parts of the job, because it attracts the reader’s attention.

Your resume should not contain grammatical, spelling errors and incorrect set phrases. Re-read resume several times to let him read to friends and family.

Huzhno edit the CV in accordance with the work profile, you claim, showing their commitment to your chosen career.

Resume is always sent with a covering letter, where you need to argue how your special skills and experience make you a logical candidate for the required job.

Not necessary to exaggerate their abilities or achievements. Not give false information and incorrect references and job titles. This will cause only negative reaction Recruiter as links selectively checked and inaccuracy detected. The slightest distortion can cost you an interview and even the job. However, this does not mean that you should not present their skills to the best advantage.

Your resume will pass through many hands until the reach of the employer. Be careful with thick quality paper and non-marking ink (required black).

On your resume possibly multiple copies will be removed. Use white or beige paper on which no copy quality deteriorates.

One last tip: CV should look professional. Therefore, it is better to consult a specialist who can help you improve your resume presentable.

How to write a resume?

When looking for work, many are faced with the fact that the employer asks for resumes, pre before the interview. Resume writing – it is an important task. For many, it seems like a daunting and intimidating. We decided to describe how to write a resume, what is its structure, types and features. We will teach you to write a resume without any problems.

Today on the Internet you can find ready-made templates resume, which just need to fill. However, experienced cadres are able to distinguish self-written resume, on which the author bother pondering and otshlifovyvaya every word, and a summary, drawn up under the dictation. Personally written resume will be appreciated, no doubt.

Overall performance

The first and most important rule is the size. Resumes can not exceed a maximum of two A4 pages. Summary should be on the first page. If the volume does not allow it, then think about what information you can donate. However, if a person has a lot of experience, this creates certain difficulties and limitations, but when recruiting resume on the computer, it is possible to circumvent this rule: change the font size, though it is not desirable – the summary should be read easily. To resume using white paper, good quality.

If the volume has turned out to resume a partial page, the information should be placed so that the page has been fully occupied by the text.

To write a resume, you must use the same font, preferably TimesNewRoman either as Arial. Strict style of – an indispensable condition. Font size should be 12-gauge. Each section of the summary should be separated from the previous one. The headings must be bold or highlight podcherkivaniem.Obyazatelno check spelling.

For documents of this type is recommended next markup page. Top field – 2 cm, right – 2 cm, bottom – 2 cm, 2.5 cm left allowed restriction field per centimeter, and instead of the standard 12-th font sizes use 10th. At the same time, the option to decrease the font is acceptable only if the summary is sent to the employer E-mail-in or delivered in person. In the case of sending your resume by fax, font size smaller than 12 should not use, otherwise it will be impossible to read the resume.

The perfect resume

• brevity – the lack of another word, incomprehensible acronyms and terms;

• specificity – the lack of information that has no direct relationship to the job;

• focus – a statement of the main data confirming the right to apply for the position;

• Activity – the need to use active verbs that show activity. You should never write “was”, “assisted”, that it allows to think that you were standing on the sidelines and occasionally provided various services..;

• Accuracy-necessity to clearly define their desires and possibilities;

• honesty – do not even think to lie and embellish. Sooner or later it will come out to the outside.



Word – Summary.


A brief description of the position to which you are applying. It is recommended to list all the jobs that you want to borrow. The existing scheme of operations of HR departments and recruitment agencies often highly inflexible. your completed application form, is placed in a folder (directory are entered), in accordance with your instructions “specialization”. Once, for example, “sales managers”, you often have no chance to get on the consideration as “productmanager”. Therefore, you must specify all the jobs that interest you.

Personal data of the applicant

Your name, address, telephone number (including area code), e-mail (if any).


• additional (parallel) – second degree, if you have to 19__ – __ years .;

• it is important to report the completion of the course and pass the certification in the specialty.

Indicate the high school is only required if a language or other special school, or if you graduated from high school with honors (the presence of a gold / silver medal);

• it is important to specify the College;

• Note also cum laude, additional specialty;

• if you experience low or absent, as is often the case with young specialist recommended that you study the subject.

Professional and / or work activity

Work is also indicated in the reverse order: first, present or last job, then early, etc.

• start and end dates of the work;

• name of the organization (not necessary to specify in the summary of the detailed address of enterprises in which you worked, will be sufficient to indicate their name and the city in which they are located);

• job title (there may be several, if your career has developed successfully);

• the position and list the duties – for full option because that is what often becomes decisive.

Other skills

• presence of a driver’s license;

• Experience of working with PC (reporting level of computer skills, you must specify the operating systems and programs do you work / worked);

• languages.

Characteristics of personal qualities

Do not hesitate to mention are the qualities – a neat, careful, disciplined, reliable, honest, persistent, objective, optimistic, logical, practical, enterprising, tactful, honest, thrifty, energetic, and more.

Additional Information

In some countries, this item is included necessarily because the person is often best recommended by social position: clubs, societies, awards, etc.

It does not specify whether or not you are a member of any political parties, religious communities.


The names of people who you recommend, not worth mentioning, but it is necessary to prepare a list of them – it may come in handy during the interview.

Exceptional Candidate: how to adapt your resume for the post, What is your dream

Are you ready to take the next step on the career ladder, go into another industry, or dramatically change the profession. However, your current position does not meet the criteria specified in the job postings that cause you concern. How to make so that the HR managers or automatic filters are not rejected your request? How to write a resume that will meet the requirements of this new job?

We must learn to “adjust” summary for each new job. Write its basic version, summarized in its most important information. When you apply for another job, you will need to slightly tweak the resume. And that’s how it can be done.

First of all, carefully read job postings. Make a list of five or six most important duties. Then briefly describe your achievements clearly demonstrate your success in these areas. What are the problems that you have decided to tell us about how to get to cope with it and what changes has been achieved.

Let’s look at examples of how the people who I helped look for a job (assistant manager and senior manager), have managed to create an effective resume on the basis of their records.

Example №1: Applying for a position of a higher level than your current position

Sasha came to the post of assistant in a small department of the university a few years ago. Over time, voluntarily laying on more responsibilities, it actually topped it. However, as head assistant and the current salary is in no way does not reflect the amount of work that Sasha performs today. Next you will learn how your resume, she managed to attract the attention of recruiters, when she started to apply for jobs Administrative Director.

For starters, it narrowed the range of interest of its ads, compiled a list of five general duties and briefly describe their achievements for each item. Here’s what she had finally happened:

• Search and implement opportunities to improve the quality of services;

• co-operation with colleagues in the department and the presentation of his work throughout the organization;

• guide junior staff and evaluation of the results of his labor;

• resource allocation control and budgeting;

• timely decision unforeseen issues.

Then Sasha wrote a summary section summary that reflected all of these five aspects characterizing the position of Administrative Director.

In addition, it is not too lazy to come up with a catchy title – a key component in the structure of resume that immediately show that it has the experience required for the new positions. As you can see, Sasha did not use a standard template that does not attract attention and does not allocate it among the other competitors. That’s how she wrote briefly about yourself:

Department Administrator – the expert of the Efficiency – Specialist HR – crisis manager.

Held the position of Assistant Director, I guarantee smooth operation of academic departments for more than 16 years. Creates and develops the management system needs of staff and students – namely, schedule, credentials, administrative and commercial facilities and budget. I perform a number of tasks that do not fall within the scope of my duties. I take the initiative for the successful implementation of projects. Confident actions in crisis situations.

Referring to their success, Sasha was an overview of what it has achieved on the current positions for the last 10 years:

I keep an uninterrupted school design work of the university (eight graduate education programs), both in daily operations and in emergency situations:

• actually working as administrative director, performing a wide range of duties than normal assistant manager;

• received from teachers nickname “Hope Diamond among the precious stones” after receiving the award for the excellent performance of duties in 2013 and 2016;

• As the “face card” interact with current and prospective students, faculty, staff and campus School of Design;

• monitors and evaluates the results of the study students Work & Study program ( “Learn and Play”), as well as graduate assistants;

• create a friendly atmosphere in the department, showing optimism, respect and sensitivity towards others.

Pay attention to the first paragraph, in which Sasha points directly to the fact that its terms of reference corresponds to the post of administrative director, rather than the current position.

She reinforced the general provisions of the specific examples of how she was able to “timely tackle unforeseen issues.”

In 2015, he participated in the liquidation of the consequences of flooding of the building, which housed the School of Design. In its organized relocation and opening of a new place within 24 hours:

• checking email in the early morning, I arrived at the campus by 7:00 and helped staff emergency service to deal with the accident. Saved documents, furniture and equipment;

• warned about happened directors, employees, students and teachers, in order to minimize disruptions in the work of the department;

• together with a university assistant manager, a specialist company Servpro, and the amount of loss of the insurance appraiser has made and implemented a plan for cleaning and replacement of equipment;

• one and a half months has provided the successful completion of the University of National Accreditation takes place every seven years. I prepare all the required documentation and to collect the necessary data for the arrival of the experts, to ensure their effective operation, including meetings held by them, their accommodation, travel and meals.

Unless you do not want to Sasha guided by your department?

Modern resume. Looking through the glass of the monitor

Which came first?

Until recently, it was recommended to make a brief statement of the purpose of their treatment, and then to describe their professional experience, education, special skills and knowledge (eg, knowledge of foreign languages). The hope was that to read the resume, most likely, will be a very busy man – the recruiter, personnel officers or director of any units, which will decide to invite you to an interview with the PA or to forget forever. And this he will take no more than 10 – 15 seconds.

Now what?

Today most of the leading companies and recruitment agencies operate powerful computer information systems.

The first and most likely the only reader of your resume will be a search engine.

It does not impress nor short, neither beautiful font name pi-known companies. But her attention instantly attract the keywords for which it is configured.

If you are expert in tomography equipment (used in medicine), these words can be a “nuclear magnetic resonance”. If you are a financier, the magic word may be an abbreviation of “ACCA”. Well, if you are a graduate of a prestigious business school in the summary it is necessary to write “MBA”, and doubled and Latin and Russian letters – so true. So, the first filter, which must pass your resume, is known. Only when the search engine you chose from a variety of candidates available in the database, read the summary of the man. But he will first find the eyes are the places where they met its interesting keywords. Fortunately, most search engines distinguish them on the monitor screen.

If the words are written in the “wrong” context, it instantly removes resume from the screen and begin to view the next.

If the context has coincided – Be sure your resume will read “from cover to cover.”

And the more fully it will reflect information about you, the more likely that you will be offered the very work, what you want.

What to do?

Today is not the time to be modest and to save space. A qualitative summary of our time is this:

The correct spelling of the full name in Russian and English languages.

Photo electronically.

Accurate contact information. If possible, a full description of your ideas about the future work, including financial (compensation) expectations and long-term career plans.

Information about professional experience, education, professional knowledge and skills, personal achievements, knowledge of foreign languages.

To compile this summary should not spare neither time nor effort. They will be paid back many times, if you avoid at least half empty meetings, “refinement” of phone calls and inadequate job offers.

How to do?

One possibility – to use a professional service but preparing a resume. All the more so with the help of the Internet it can be done quickly, efficiently and for free. This service provides a resource SUMMARY BANK. Every visitor of this site can register and filling out a fairly detailed form to receive your CV. And to the summary you can “attach” a digital photograph. Summarize it is viewed by special operators, who themselves worked in recruitment and are able to distinguish the good from the bad resume. If it is good, it “miss” in the summary-BANK once. If it made in general a good idea, but there are “some shortcomings” – returned to the author for revision. Only very bad resume destroyed on the spot.

The fact that the CV deposited in SUMMARY-Bank has already confirmed its high quality and competitiveness. Moreover, a special module rgofy-resume on the site, which will help create a modern professional resume, get ready Profi-CV in the form of a file that you can send yourself to your mailing list at any time to edit your resume depending on the specific search of work plans.

Who is guilty?

If after all the efforts of your resume, compiled in compliance with the modern canons, not attract attention of recruiters and employers the best – let them blame themselves for that lost a valuable employee.