Month: July 2020

Books to help you build a career

Everyone wants to be successful and make good money. But where to find a paid job? And how to quickly move up the career ladder? These questions will be answered by personal trainers and business consultants. In our selection of books that will help you become a sought-after specialist.

80/20 success. How to build a career and business using your top 20%

The author of the classic best-selling book The 80/20 Principle, Richard Koch, explains how to properly use your potential. The famous business coach is sure that the secret of successful people is to discover their special talent and bring it to perfection. How to do this, he tells in detail in his work.

The art of office intrigue. How to build a successful career in the world of lies, setups and dirty games

Practicing psychologist and numerous best-selling author Oliver James is convinced that teamwork is 50% success. In his book, he talks about how to survive in the harsh office world and describes in detail all possible types of employee behavior. Oliver explains how to interact with each of them and earn the respect of colleagues. The book will be useful to experienced professionals and those who have just begun their career paths.

The power of simplification. The key to achieving a phenomenal breakthrough in career and business

Over 40 years of continuous research, Richard Koch has discovered the key principle that underlies the success of world-renowned companies – simplification. This book will be a real revelation for an ambitious specialist. She will explain how to make the business easier and make a profit for the company.

Think in other formats

To succeed in work you need to think outside the box. Using interactive exercises, visual tools, and valuable advice, authors will help you create your own five steps to meet your personal and professional needs. In the book you will find fascinating examples from the real world, learn how to correct the consequences of missed creative opportunities and not neglect them in the future. And also, learn how to stay on the crest of a wave even in a hopeless situation.

Recharge your career. Shake your connections, skills, dignity, and finally become what you want

You do not like what you do? It’s time to completely change your life. And this book will become a reliable assistant. The popular blogger and motivational speaker John Eykaf on his example shows how to make a career spurt, regardless of whether you are at the peak of a career or going through a difficult period.

How to get an interview in a dream company. Elon Musk, I’m the one you need

Ron Fry, author of 40 best-selling personal effectiveness bestsellers, has prepared an exhaustive guide on how to behave in interviews to get a dream job. You will learn: what questions to ask, to seem smart, how to behave, to impress and demonstrate your strongest points.

Become an innovator. 5 habits of leaders that change the world

Clayton Christensen, author of the bestselling novel “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” along with leaders from companies such as Google, Procter & Gamble, Dell, eBay, PayPal, Skype and many others wrote this brilliant book. How to generate the most non-standard ideas? How to become a true leader in the team? The book contains tools and cases of world companies to develop 5 skills of breakthrough leadership.

My life, my achievements

Producing does not mean buying cheap and selling expensive

The creator of the cult car and the author of the well-known phrase “I want it, it means it will be” Henry Ford shares with readers not only the secrets of his success, but also the basic principles that guided him when creating the corporation.

Up the stairs to Hollywood

The winner gets EVERYTHING!

This book is more a work of art than a direct guide. Rachel Payne, a PR specialist from Hollywood, talks about her career path, difficulties, dreams, disappointments and desperate attempts to believe in the perfection of the most famous “dream factory”!

Are you smart enough to work on Google?

It is very tempting to spend resources on researching the wrong path or implementing a poorly designed business plan, continuing relationships with an inappropriate romantic partner, defending an erroneous idea, convincing ourselves that success awaits us from the next angle

This book is a brilliant guide to how to successfully pass a difficult job interview and be at the job of your dreams! The author analyzed in the book the most common questions asked at interviews in the most advanced companies on the planet, answer options and possible courses of your discussion. Gives one hundred percent motivation and desire to get out of the chair.